The current confirmations of global warming are a wake up call to us all:

"Skin cancer is the number one form of cancer."
American Cancer Society

"Skin cancer is one of the few diseases that can be minimized if people protect themselves from the sun."
American Academy of Dermatology

"Seek shade, especially during midday when UV rays are strongest and do the most damage" and "protection from the sun's damaging UV radiation can help reduce the risk of getting skin cancer."
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

"The depletion of the ozone layer allows more UV radiation to reach the earth's surface, which can cause bad health effects like skin cancer"
Environmental Protection Agency

From Annie -

"The cumulative effects of UV radiation is a daily consideration. We can each personally protect ourselves and reduce our chances of skin damage. With this knowledge and awareness, we can make intelligent choices for our own health."

'Umbrellas Hawaii™' invites you to include a tropical sun parasol as a fun and intelligent addition to your skin care program.

Aloha, Annie!