Aloha and Welcome to Umbrellas Hawaii™! Visit an article featuring our high-quality sun-protection products!

Umbrellas Hawaii™ offers a unique sun protection product which blocks 95%-97% of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation, known to cause skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Lined with Ultra Violet Protective Factor (UPF) fabrics, this high tech parasol gives serious skin protection from the suns' intensity. Umbrellas Hawaii™ provide shade and relief from the cumulative damage of daily UV exposure.

Tropically inspired and designed by island artist Annie O'Connor Hughes, Umbrellas Hawaii™ introduces a beautiful and intelligent skin care accessory that is both fun and fashionable. Reminiscent of the parasols used centuries ago by sun-savvy women,but with a `island style' design, Umbrellas Hawaii™ answers the call that the deletion of the ozone layer demands.

Our delightfully colorful prints project the eternal allure of the island experience. Addressing the need for sun safe behaviors, the state of the art UPF liner fabrics have been tested and certified to block 95%-97% of UV radiation transmissions, guaranteeing the protection necessary with todays active outdoor lifestyles. Incorporating these high tech UPF fabrics in the Umbrellas Hawaii™ design gives the classic parasol a current distinction.

Umbrellas Hawaii™ celebrates the beauty and enjoyment of the outdoors, it feeds our souls . So go out and have fun and carry an arc of protection with a lovely umbrella! It makes sun-sense!